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FFA Media Release: Extension of the suspension of grassroots football in Australia

Wednesday, 1 April 2020Sydney, Australia

Football Federation Australia (FFA) today advised that, in light of ongoing developmentssince its original announcement, including stricter measures imposed by the FederalGovernment in response to COVID-19, the temporary suspension to sanctioned grassrootsfootball competitions and associated training would remain in placeuntil at least31 May2020.

The decision is another in a series of measures taken by FFA in response to COVID-19 inconsultation with its State and Territory Member Federations and the National COVID-19Working Committee.

FFA Chief Executive Officer James Johnson said: “Since our initial announcement, therehave been numerous declarations made by, and introduced, across all levels ofGovernment. The measures have continuously tightened restrictions around communitygatherings, and the measures announced by the Prime Minister recently increased theserestrictions further. While we were not due to make a formal assessment until 14 April 2020,we felt it best to consider our position nowin light of this most recent announcement.

“We have determined, with the full backing of all Member Federations, that the temporarysuspension to sanctioned grassroots football competitions and associated training willremain in placeuntilat least31 May 2020.We will continue to stay in close communicationswith our Member Federations in the lead up to 31 May 2020, to ensure that the individualcircumstances of each state and territory in relation to the status of COVID-19 and themeasures or restrictions imposed by individual State/Territory Governments are beingconsidered.

“These are unprecedented times and at this moment, it is very difficult to predict what furthermeasures will be introduced, or for how much longer current measures will be in place.Aswe have done with all our decisions to date, we will remain agile and responsive to theprevailing circumstances and still remain optimistic that our Member Federations, which arealready considering what adjusted competitions will look like, willbe able to complete thegrassroots season this year.

“Any decision to resume grassroots football will be made in line with the FederalGovernment, taking into account the latest health advice at the time to ensure the safetyand wellbeing of both the football and wider community, and in full consultation with ourMember Federations and the National COVID-19 Working Committee.The safety of thefootball community remains our priority.

“We recognise that our participants across the country areeager to understand what all ofthis means for them so we hope that the announcement today can give them some pieceof mind and we ask that they remain positive during these difficult times.As a sport, wemust continue to undertake our civic duty as a responsible citizen and do everything we canto contribute to the national efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19.Football peopleare resilient, have a strong moral compass and, consequently, I am sure our community willunderstand this position.

FFAwill continue to communicate material updates in the lead up to 31 May 2020.

A massive thank you to Marcia Street Fabricators for their incredible support of our club through their junior sponsorship this season. Thanks to their support all of our non-competitive juniors (that's over 200 players) will be getting new playing jerseys. There's going to be some sharp looking juniors out there on Saturday mornings!

Sawtell FC are excited to announce they have received a Coastal Premier League license for 2020 - 2023. After Woolgoolga United withdrew from the competition Sawtell FC will now have a premier and reserve teams in the competition. Our first game of the season is on 28th March at Toormina Oval against Boambee FC. Exciting times ahead!

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